God's Servant - Diadem cover and tracklisting

1. Make Way (produced by Demodocus)
2. Areopagus (produced by Demodocus)
3. Ransomed (produced by Demodocus)
4. For Us ft. J. Williams (produced by Demodocus)
5. The Choral Interlude
6. Look Ye Saints (produced by Mashell Leroy)
7. At His Feet ft. Json (produced by Mashell Leroy)
8. Never, Never (produced by Demodocus)
9. Bring The Diadem (produced by Demodocus)
10. Snowing ft. J. Williams (produced by Demodocus)
11. Holy ft. Chris Cobbins (produced by Demodocus, co-produced by Marv4MoBeats)
12. My God and King ft. Benjah (produced by Demodocus)
13. His (produced by Demodocus)
14. John's Prayer ft. John Piper
Diadem releases January 28th on Lamp Mode Recordings.
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