John Givez '4 Seasons' Cover, Tracklisting & Production Credits Revealed

John Givez is set to release his debut project entitled '4 Seasons,' soon from King Dreams Entertainment. Pre-order it now via to get "The Light" for instant free download.

1. Four Seasons (Intro) - Produced by DJ Rek & JRuckers
2. Eastside Churchboi - Produced by DJ Rek
3. Westside Blues - Produced by DJ Rek
4. American Dream - Produced by DJ Rek
5. Rebelutionary (feat. Ruslan of theBREAX) - Produced by Bam Beatz
6. Vibe Room 1.5 (feat. JGivens) - Produced by Carnegie
7. Letter to the 3rd - Produced by DJ Rek
8. Little Engine - Produced by DJ Rek
9. Mind Over Matter (feat. Beleaf of theBREAX) - Produced by DJ Rek
10. Dream Chaser (feat. Morgan Nolani) - Produced by DJ Rek
11. The Light - Produced by DJ Rek
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