Canon 'Mad Haven' Production Credits Revealed

Canon's debut album 'Mad Haven' production credits are revealed. The album is set to release October 15, 2013 from Reflection Music Group.

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"A haven is a place of restoration, peace, covenant, security and where you might find your hope and joy. I'm going to tell you how I got to that place," - Canon

1. Mad Haven (feat. SPZRKT) - Produced by Groc, Kurt Denmark & Wit
2. How We Do It (feat. Thi'sl & Lecrae) - Produced by Groc
3. Walk With Me - Produced by Heat Academy
4. Different (feat. Tony Tillman & t.Jay) - Produced by Dirty Rice
5. Relations (feat. Sean Johnson) - Produced by Wit
6. Lotto (feat. Derek Minor) - Produced by Derek Minor
7. What It Sounds Like (feat. Kerwin Richards) - Produced by Canon
8. Special (feat. J.R.) - Produced by Swade & Kurt Denmark
9. Full Plates - Produced by Canon
10. Out Of Tune (feat. Derek Minor & Deraj) - Produced by Derek Minor, Canon, Dirty Rice & Joseph Prielozny
11. The Road (feat. Thurston Lopes) - Produced by Canon, Thurston Lopes & Kurt Denmark
12. Grow Up (feat. Tragic Hero) - Produced by Yung N Fly, Wit & Dirty Rice
13. Mind Vomit - Produced by Canon & Kurt Denmark
14. My City (Bonus Track) - Produced by Supe

*Mixed and Mastered by Wit except track 6 (Lotto) Mixed by Derek Minor
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