Gemstones 'AFTER: Elephant In The Room pt. 2' revealed

One of the most intriguing story lines in Christian Hip Hop has been the redemption of once-mainstream rappers to faith in Christ and renewed artistry. This has happened most notably in the lives of MC Jin, formerly of the label Ruff Ryders and No Malice, formerly known as just "Malice" from legendary duo The Clipse. Completing the trifecta is Lupe Fiasco-running buddy and recent Rapzilla Hot 16 participant Gemstones.

The Chi-town native, known for his superior lyrical complexity and versatile flow, released a free album called 'Elephant in the Room' last year and has announced that his follow up album will continue that theme with the title 'Blind Elephant'.

While no release date has been given, fans of his music will ensure that this project is heavily anticipated. With the "in your face" content dripping from each line of his new free album entitled 'AFTER: Elephant In The Room pt. 2', the full retail album is sure to break new ground and challenge all who listen. AFTER... is slated for a September/October release, however stay tuned for more updates on Gemstone's upcoming projects and exact dates!

What topics would you like to hear Gemstones address in his upcoming album?
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