Holy Hip Hop CD's Overseas


On the first day of sales in Paris France, I stopped by the Virgin Megastore at Champs Elysees. Unlike the U.S., European stores can only promote sales twice a year (January and July). The store had thousands of CD's on sale for 2-6 euros (about $3-9).

At my biggest surprise I found Stellar Kart a Christian Rock band, but the greatest thing was finding a bunch of Christian Hip Hop CD's. Even though they were on sale, it's a good thing to see these CD's in one of the biggest Entertainment store of France.

So many CD's on sale that I wasn't half way done looking through after 1 hour at full speed. Some of the Christian Hip Hop CD's were LA Symphony "Disappear Here", Da Truth "The Faith", Japhia Life "Fountain of Life", DJ Morphiziz "Best of Submissions vol.3", CedEnough, Shei Atkins, JR, and others. On the 2nd floor they had more music (not on sale) and I can assure you there was more Christian Hip Hop up there even though I didn't have time to take a look.

Christian Hip Hop is getting out in stores, hopefully people are buying.



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