KamBINO 'IN·DE·PEN·DENCE' Cover & Tracklisting Revealed

The album cover and tracklisting for KamBINO's upcoming sophomore album 'IN·DE·PEN·DENCE,' which will be available via all major digital outlets on July 9, 2013.

1. Awkward Silence (Warning Shots) - Prod. by Flawless Tracks
2. Eternal (The Whole Time) - Prod. by Kajmir Royale
3. Chuckin’ (feat. FlyBoy) - Prod. by Flawless Tracks
4. Make Believe (feat. J. Carter) - Prod. by Flawless Tracks
5. Crabs - Prod. by Flawless Tracks
6. In War, In Peace (Interlude) - Prod. by Jonathan Baker
7. All My Friends - Prod. by Kajmir Royale
8. IN·DEPENDENCE (feat. Bink) - Prod. by HotRod /Tapebreaker Entertainment
9. Battleground (feat. Canaan Micah Miller) - Prod. by RaCharm
10. TMI (Interlude) - Prod. by HotRod/Tapebreaker Entertainment
11. Cheers (feat. HarVey) - Prod. by Flawless Tracks
12. Beautiful Rain (ft. Lauren Monique) - Prod. by Kajmir Royale
13. Winter Flow (feat. Christon Gray) - Prod. by Flawless Tracks
14. Promise Unkept - Prod. by Flawless Tracks
15. A Defining Moment (Interlude) - Prod. by Jonathan Baker
16. MOTH (All I Need ) - Prod. by Flawless Tracks
17. I Don’t Belong (feat. Pastor AD3) - Prod. by Flawless Tracks
18. Seiko - Prod. by Kajmir Royale
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