D-MAUB 'The Missing Peace' Tracklisting Revealed

The tracklisting for D-MAUB's upcoming album sixth solo album 'The Missing Peace,' which is set to release on May 21, 2013 from One Route Entertainment.

1. G Code (feat. Canton Jones) - Produced by: Tone Jonez
2. N.Y.E. - Produced by: Tone Jonez
3. I'm Me - Produced by: Tone Jonez
4. Hip Hop Student - Produced by: Tone Jonez
5. Walk It Off (feat. ZG) - Produced by: Tone Jonez
6. Charged Up (feat. Todd of Z4L) - Produced by: Zoe4Life Productions
7. How Long (feat. B. Reith) - Produced by: Tone Jonez
8. Jungles (feat. The Ambassador) - Produced by: Tone Jonez
9. Full Throttle - Produced by: Zoe4Life Productions
10. Distractions - Produced by: Tone Jonez
11. All For Me (feat. Willie Moore Jr.) - Produced by: C-Life
12. Up A Notch - Produced by: C-Life
13. My Girl (feat. Pastor AD3) - Produced by: C-Life
14. Who Is God? (feat. Jin, Phanatik, Ruslan, K-Drama, Jahaziel, Theory Hazit, Eric Cross & Braille) - Produced by: Big Juice
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