007 & Gifted Da Flamethrowa 'The City Never Sleeps' Cover, Release Date & Tracklisting

The cover and tracklisting for 007 (formerly of 5th Ward Boyz) & Gifted Da Flamethrowa's upcoming album 'The City Never Sleeps' out July 2, 2013.

1. Revolution Music
2. That Knock (feat. Zeeda & Von Won)
3. Uncut (feat. Bun B)
4. Comeback (feat. Trevor Lee)
5. Raindrops (feat. Dre Murray & Ms. Kim)
6. Hells Memo
7. Blame The Devil (feat. Govenor)
8. Battlefield (feat. The Warriors)
9. Waving @ My Enemies (feat. Nu Life of 5th Ward Boyz)
10. Back Home (feat. Cory Wallace)
11. Life (feat. Von Won)
12. Baptise Me (feat. TL James)
13. Do Better (feat. Ben Donnerly)
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