Phanatik tracklisting announced + new e-card


Here is the tracklist for Phanatik's upcoming album "Crime & Consequences."

1. World's Largest Prison (Intro)
2. Snitch
3. Top 10
4. Good & Bad featuring Young Joshua
5. Try Angles
6. 95 Degree Angles
7. More to Give featuring God's Servant
8. Grown & Set Free
9. Pyramid Scheme featuring Keran Sabir
10. Burnt
11. Work It Out
12. Show'Em Off
13. Recess
14. Mason Dixon
15. North & South featuring Tedashii & Christawn
16. Son's Sake featuring Robert "Don" Barham
17. Ready to Go

You can also view his e-card now at:, there is a special pre-order for a limited album cover!

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