Written for father-figures and daughters of all ages, the City of Allegory series' much anticipated sequel will be avaiable on December 1, 2013. In Book II: "The Handy-man's Fix" Brady Goodwin, aka Phanatik, takes the art of urban-metaphor to even higher heights and deeper depths.

In the new city, around the unending table, the host Immanuel tells the gripping tale of one of his hard-won and most dedicated servants, the Handy-man. This account takes us back to the Nameless City where we meet the young teen, Treasure, who loses her girl Innocence under the guidance of a trusted family friend. Twists and turns, tears and joy, and, as always—expert story telling await those who dare to venture off to the City of Allegory. Available at www.urbanremixproject.com




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