Kareem Manuel 'Until Forever' Cover, Tracklisting & Release Date Revealed

Kareem Manuel, formerly known as Katalyst, is releasing his second retail album 'Until Forever' on December 4, 2012. The album is avaiable for pre-order on iTunes now.

1. The Introduction
2. Sin City (feat. Christon Gray & Sharona Drake) - Prod. by Swoope, Additional Music by Alert & Jon Guerra
3. Where Do I Go?
4. The Light
5. The Intersection - Prod. by DJ Official, Additional Music by Alert
6. I'm Living (feat. Decipha) - Prod. by Geeda
7. Until Forever (feat. Caine) - Prod. by Derek Minor & Tony Stone
8. Unworthy Servant
9. Broken Promises (feat. Jon Guerra) - Prod. by Swoope, Co-Prod. by Alex Medina & Tony Stone, Additional Music by Alert & Jon Guerra
10. Open Your Eyes (Interlude)
11. Open Your Eyes (feat. Plumb) - Prod. by Big Juice, Co-Prod. by Matt Brownleewe
12. Rain Down (feat. Benjah) - Prod. by Swoope, Additional Music by Alert
13. We Must…
14 Endure (feat. Derek Minor) - Prod. by Derek Minor & Tony Stone
15. Hero (feat. Lecrae) - Prod. by Alex Medina, Additional Music by members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Scored by Ben Lynerd & Stephen Lynerd
16. עִבְרִית 11:13-16

Bonus Tracks:
17. Need You Now (feat. Tony Tillman) - Prod. by Swoope
18. Fly Away (feat. Sean C. Johnson) - Prod. by Swoope, Co-Prod. Big Juice
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