Japhia Life 'Westside Pharmacy' Tracklisting

The tracklisting for Japhia Life's upcoming album 'Westside Pharmacy' set to release November 20, 2012.

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1. Japhia's Lyric - Prod. by Jude "Tha Architect" Gavin & Japhia Life
2. Pitchfork - Prod. by J Rodgers
3. Last Night - Prod. by David James
4. Lifey's Revenge (feat. Tena Jones) - Prod. by Eric "Tech" Humphrey for Creative Feed
5. Phone Call (Skit) - Prod. & Directed by Japhia Life
6. I'm A Mess - Prod. by Hot Handz
7. Cold Blood - Prod. by David James
8. Full Moon (feat. David James) - Prod. by David James
9. Hate (Skit) (feat. REDZ) - Prod. by J Rodgers
10. Dime (feat. Rob Hodge) - Prod. by Chase "Flow" Bradley for The Piece Committee
11. Pimp - Prod. by Trayz Beatz
12. Dealin' - Prod. by Trayz Beatz
13. Cloud - Prod. by J Rodgers
14. Letter to Lindsay - Prod. by J Rodgers Co-Prod. by Japhia Life & Nate Coe
15. Small World - Prod. by Elvin "Wit" Shahbazian
16. The Exercise - Prod. by Luke Witherspoon III
17. The Realest - Prod. by Trayz Beatz
18. I Will Watch You - Prod. by Jude "The Architect" Gavin & Japhia Life
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