Trip Lee Stepping Away From Music - For Good?

On Trip Lee and Reach Records new mini documentary for 'The Good Life,' Trip indicates that he is stepping away from music, and not temporarily. We don't have confirmation from Trip or Reach Records on whether this is a hiatus or permanently as of yet, but it seems like 2012 will be the year that Trip hangs up the mic.

"Recently I decided to step away from music. Not cause I don't love it - but so I can transition to where the Lord is calling me next. So I won't be in other countries and in front of thousands of people every night, but that does not mean that I stop living The Good Life. I plan to keep living by faith in the good God til the day that I die."

Trip also tweeted that this will probably be his last Unashamed Tour ...
So make sure you make it to Unashamed Tour, which starts October 1st in Nashville, TN. You can enter to win tickets to the city near you! Click here to enter.

Stay tuned to Rapzilla for an official video interview and an official statement from Trip personally.
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