Desiring God publishes powerful pro-life film with Sho Baraka, Propaganda & Jackie Hill Perry

On the eve of the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Desiring God and Humble Beast released a film titled "73-17" as a plea "to all who would pause to ponder the power of personhood."

"When we reckon with the fact that God's glory is attached to personhood, it changes your whole paradigm on how you see babies, how you see infants, and thus, how you see abortion, where it's like ... it's not a petty thing," Humble Beast artist Jackie Hill Perry said. "This is glory. God's glory is on this person because they are made in his image."

The film features Hill Perry, Sho Baraka and Propaganda, and not only addresses abortion, but also the "plight of countless black women who, next to the children, have been the greatest victims of this system."

"What we wanted to do was not only with the writing, but visually really catch the nuances and the complexity of what a comprehensive, pro-life position would be," Propaganda said.

Watch "73-17" and its behind-the-scenes video, which explains the concept of the production, below.

"Humble Beast does nothing without really thinking through how to not only bring theological excellence, but aesthetic excellence as well," Sho Baraka said, "and so this video and this project I think has a very subtle but powerful statement from the car. Where are we going? Why are we in a car? Where is this car taking us?"

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