Rumor: Reach Records to sign Dwayne Tryumf?


Reach Records has most probably signed Dwayne Tryumf (Christian Rapper from London UK) or will be. We have 7 signs that can prove this will probably be announced.

#1: Dwayne Tryumf recently moved from London to Memphis TN, Reach Records city.
#2: 116 Clique, Reach Records, and Dwayne Tryumf have had a good relationship before the move (according to myspace history) and now they hang out together in Memphis (according to Dwayne's Myspace blog)
#3: Was with Reach at the Legacy Conference in Chicago, where he actually arrived first when he came from London and then went to Memphis with Reach when it was over.
#4: Dwayne Tryumf was featured on for interviewing Lecrae about Rebel.
#5: Dwayne Tryumf is working on a new album!
#6: Lecrae's Rebel album features a song with Dwayne Tryumf
#7: Dwayne Tryumf lives around the corner from Lecrae's house and Ben Washer's (CEO of Reach Records) house a little further out.

Check Dwayne's myspace and tell us what you think.

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