Cheno Lyfe 'LUNAR' Tracklisting Revealed

The tracklisting for Cheno Lyfe's upcoming sophomore album 'LUNAR,' which is set to release on July 23, 2013 from Good City Music and available for pre-order on iTunes now.

1. Lunar - Prod. by Smash Productions
2. Wont Back Down (feat. Philip Bixby) - Prod. by George "G-Roc" Ramirez
3. Higher (feat. SPZRKT, Lilliana Ramjohn) - Prod. by George "G-Roc" Ramirez
4. You Are (feat. Rey King) - Prod. by Smash Productions
5. My Life (feat. Giel) - Prod. by George "G-Roc" Ramirez
6. Cut The Lights On (feat. Pettidee) - Prod. by Smash Productions
7. SCMGWP (feat. Social Club) - Prod. by Smash Productions
8. Stick Up - Prod. by George "G-Roc" Ramirez
9. Forever (feat. Joel Marcellus, Dream Hodges, Bless'Ed) - Prod. by George "G-Roc" Ramirez
10. Greater (feat. Ashley Lindor) - Prod. by George "G-Roc" Ramirez
11. Stop Me (feat. Dawnchere Wilkerson) - Prod. by George "G-Roc" Ramirez
12. Real (feat. Giel) - Prod. by Smash Productions

Bonus Tracks:

13. COBANG (feat. Rhema Soul, Anthony Rose) - Prod. by Smash Productions
14. Runaways (feat. SPZRKT) - Prod. by Smash Productions

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