Sev & Dust selected on Rawkus 50 and teamed up with HipHopisMusic


Sev and Dust are two heavy hitters from the Deepspace5 crew. Sev has many solo records under his belt and Dust is most known for his work as the producer/dj of Mars Ill. They got together and created "Back to Dust" which got them selected as one of the Rawkus 50! Not only will the album "Back to Dust" be available digitally through Rawkus, but Sev and Dust also have teamed up with Hiphop IS Music Records to offer a limited edition digipack version of the record as well.

Street date: October 9th, 2007
iTunes: (via Rawkus Records) October 16th, 2007

Album features: LMNO, Theory Hazit, Raphi, Manchild, Playdough, Triune, Supastition and more heavy action!

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