From Dancehall to Gospel, Skerrit Bwoy Returns with Electric Gospel

With his trademark yellow mohawk, Skerrit Bwoy has had major success in the duration of his past career. He introduced daggering as a dance form to the world with his participation as the front man for Major Lazer. The former dancehall bad boy and daggering icon has turned over a new leaf to Christianity since cancelling all of his shows and musical efforts last November. This hiatus was meant as a transition from his daggering ways to becoming more religiously connected. But his break from music was only a short one.

“I’m here to show them, there is something else to do. An alternative way to party, without jeopardizing your soul." Skerrit Bwoy is on a mission to change the entertainment industry once again with the release of his debut album, Electric Gospel.

Due out in September, Electric Gospel is Skerrit Bwoy’s first release since his reformation in conjunction with his own label of the same name. Skerrit Bwoy promises, not to disappoint with his new work, and proves that with his first single, “Pon De Cross, a remix of Major Lazer's "Pon de Floor.” The song brings Christian vocals to house beats and is sure to make any audience, young and old, get on their feet.

Skerrit Bwoy has been featured in SPIN Magazine, Rolling Stone, Fader, CNN, Vice Magazine, Time Out New York, among many other national and international publications.

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Chad Horton has co-owned and operated with Philip Rood since 2010, bringing with him a decade of music business experience. Horton is also the Director of Marketing for Syntax Creative, the largest independent digital distributor of Christian & Gospel music, among other genres. Originally from Northern California, Horton rooted himself in San Diego with his wife of nine years, as well as two beautiful daughters.

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