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Jahpia shared, "The album is meant to pay homage to the music that I grew up on in the 80's and 90's, and is meant to shed light on my upbringing in Philly as well. I just wanted to make something that reflected my past musical influences, presented a high def picture of where I really came from, and was a daring enough body of work that I felt would push the culture forward."

When asked who the woman on the cover is, Japhia says, "I put my Mother on the album cover. After listening to the album I realized that I mentioned her in almost every song. She is a praying woman, and when I think back that picture of her to me is such a contrast to what was going on in my life outside. I remember her paging, and calling me every time she heard gunshots, to see where I was and if I was okay. And it also represents her strength and faith, and how eventually she beat the devil as far as my life is concerned. She won!"


1. Fatal Cassette:1995
produced by: Trayz Beatz & Japhia Life

2. The Black Out
produced by: Eastside High

3. Ultra Violence
produced by: RHDN

4. Sunday Mornin' (Interlude)
produced by: RHDN & Japhia Life

5. Water ft. John P. Kee
produced by: Trayz Beatz & Japhia Life

6. Poison
produced by: Eastside High & Japhia Life

7. Mystery of SlapBoxing
produced by: Jude Gavin & Japhia Life

8. Jermaine Chain
produced by: David James & Japhia Life

9. Flashlight
produced by: Eastside High & Japhia Life

10. Garden of Fugitives
produced by: David "Zillionaire" Dunston & Japhia Life

11. Get It Done (Downbeat Interlude)
produced by: Saint Man, Japhia Life & DJ Cool Waters

12. Real Love
produced by: Drum Dreamers & Japhia Life

13. KINGS ft. Rob Hodge
produced by: Trayz Beatz & Japhia Life

14. Trap Door
produced by: Steve "24hits" Bader & Japhia Life

15. Might Be In Brooklyn (Bonus Track)
produced by: David James & Japhia Life

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