Thi'sl 'Beautiful Monster' Cover & Tracklisting Revealed

1. Beautiful Music (Produced by Swoope)
2. Let it Knock feat. PRo (Produced by Geeda)
3. The First 48 (Produced by J.R)
4. Beautiful Monster feat. Skrip and Swoope (Produced by Skrip)
5. Beautiful Mind feat. Pastor Ad3 (Produced by Geeda)
6. Hope Road feat. Jai (Produced by Spec)
7. No Walls feat. Alcam (Produced by Geeda)
8. My Radio On Drugs (Produced by Street Symphony)
9. Money Produced by (D-Flow Da Brassman)
10. Hey Momma feat. Fitzgerald (Produced by Skrip)
11. It’s Not About Me feat. Pettidee (Produced by Street Symphony)
12. Signed Up To Die (Produced by Kadence)
13. I’m So Gone feat. Kenny Deshields (Produced by Skrip)
14. Hold On feat. Fitzgerald (Produced by Juice (Bonus Track))
15. I Need You feat. Michelle Bonilla (Produced by Lee Jerkins)

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