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Hip Hop artist Don Ryvcko dropped his new single, "Not Today," check it out on Rapzilla's Soundcloud.

Hip-hop artist Tedashii is continuing his return with the single "Messenger" that dropped at midnight. It also appears his new album is called Never Fold.

Hip Hop artist Mr. 2-17 just dropped his single "Grace" off of his Closer album.

Hip Hop artist Onajh' dropped his single "Circa: 2011, and this catchy track has a great story behind it.

Hip-Hop artist RoyalT dropped some cold vibes with new single "Icy."

Hip-Hop artist Xandre is back with another hot track, "929."

Kyle Alexander's "Oh My God" is all kinds of hype, and you might not be ready for it.

"David asked the Lord to remind him how quickly his life on earth would be over. This is our prayer for everyone, that they too would see how short life on earth is and would turn to Christ for their salvation and by doing so would be able to have a new life even if they died right then," Hyper Fenton.

Eric Heron just released his single "Bet" featuring Lawren. The song is the first single from his yet to be named debut full-length album.

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