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"'No Right Words' is a tribute to Christ because we praise him day and night. Yet I still can't think of the right words to glorify him. He deserves more than I can give. No Right Words is just that is me giving only a example of words to glorify our Lord and Savior."

L.I.F.E Records Artist Akil Hamilton drops "Going Up" as a message to everyone that we are here, we're climbing to the top & it's time to take it to the next level.

Hip-Hop artist Elijah Theodore, drops his latest single titled "A Noble Scientist," produced by Chapter 19. Where he compares himself to a mad scientist harnessing the eternal to go against elements of evil.

"I've got a new track called Time Will Heal addressing sexual abuse, as my sister was abused when she was younger and I wanted to make a song to address this topic and offer encouragement to women everywhere."

Lamp Mode recording artist S.O. released his new single "Preach."

One-third of Beautiful Eulogy, Braile, released his first solo song since 2011 with "Push It Down."

New single from the newest signee to Role Model Records, Lord Badu, drops "Light of Mine" off upcoming Identity EP releasing April 27th, 2018.

Hyper Fenton and Moflo Music are inviting the whole world to claim this verse. If they will dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ, the Lord will do amazing things, and one of these amazing things is giving them the gift of grace through the blood of His Son.

Hip-Hop artist L.T. dropped his new self produced single "For the Culture."

"GO. It's a simple yet challenging command. We often have many reasons why we can't go or why we don't but nonetheless, Jesus still said 'GO'. This song is inspired by that very command and I hope it challenges, convicts, and encourages us to leave the comfort of our lives and step out in faith for the Kingdom," said aable.

Hip-Hop artist Mogli the Iceburg released "Some of Yall," his last single before the drop of his EP Sad People Make Dope Music on April 13th.

Hip-Hop artist The King's Kid dropped new single "We Pray," which talks about school shootings, prayer in school and church unity.

"The song 'Doing Me', produced by Cardec Drums speaks about being motivated on the daily into doing what God has called me to do but at the same time being myself which can be difficult to do at times. Friends will throw you shade and you may receive hate by being who you are but to know we must humble ourselves because God is in control and he receives the glory at the end of it all."

Hip-Hop artist Deane Walden, formerly of Switchin Lanes, is now a solo artist and dropped his first single - "Long Way" featuring Xay Hill off his upcoming album Sauced Up.

As Humble Tip continues to travel the country with his motivational assembly “The Beautiful Tomorrow Assembly,” he releases the single “Fake Friends” to the album attached with the assembly, Beautiful Tomorrow vol. 2 Fake Love & Real Lies. This album is set to be released late April.

Hip-Hop artist King Chav released his newest single "Speak for Me," and hopes to touch this generation with the message.

Fresh off the release of his EP Pray For Me, Latino artist Gerry Skrillz is wasting no time to hit the ground running in 2018 with the release of his new single “RAIN,” featuring Los Angeles based artist Charles Goose.

Hip-hop artist Timothy Brindle is back, with his new single "Water-Judgement" off of his upcoming album and book The Unfolding.

"It's a tribute to all of Christian Hip-Hop, sending shoutouts to all kinds of artists and albums of the Christian Hip-Hop genre. It's really just an ode to CHH."

Charles Goose a is Los Angeles, Ca based hip hop/rap artist, co-producer and visual artist. He is currently unsigned and is the founder of the movement “SFTW” (South For The Winter).

Hip-Hop artist Ty Brasel dropped a remix of his single "Praying Hands" and was able to bless ears with a verse from Trip Lee, along with a gospel choir chorus.

Hip-Hop group LKD (Love Killed Death), an offshoot of Fearless BND, released "The Wave."

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