Christian Hip Hop Mixtapes & Downloads
These are legal downloads posted with the permission from the Artists and Labels.

Hip-Hop artist Cory Cifax teamed up with fellow rapper, this time producer, RedEye, to drop the song "NYBM" for free download.

Hip-Hop artist YB dropped his Swiss Frankie produced track "Love Costs" for free download off of his upcoming God Still Has Soldiers 2.

Hip-Hop artist RAW-B is back with a single off his debut album Like It Or Not with the track "No Weapon" featuring Xay Hill. The beat was produced by Parker 'Dopo' Morris.

New Rapzilla Freshmen NOT KLYDE "leaked" his new single "Cozy" off his upcoming EP Twisted Peppermint.

"Broken Jenes" is a Single done by Malawian CHH Artist, Liwu. The song depicts the imagery of the need to pray more as a believer because one is Broken,(broken Genetics) and also that his jeans are now worn out to the fact that he prays a lot ( Always on his knees ). Hence, the title ‘Broken Jenes’. The Song is both in English, and Chichewa (Native Malawian Language).

Hip-Hop artist Joshua Kriese released his second installment to his Solas project "Faith Alone." Joshua explores the history behind the driving force of the 1517 Protestant Reformation where Martin Luther wrestled with the scriptures, seeing that salvation is by faith alone while describing how Luther wouldn't "break or fold - even in the face of Rome."

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