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23 year old Louisiana native Zo Frank drops the new track "Royalty" featuring Wontel who produced the track as well as the entire EP What Makes Me Invisible available soon.

2016 Rapzilla Freshmen artist Jered Sanders released a surprise EP entitled Black Friday. for free last week. Download it below.

Artist and producer Phil J. released the first single called "Right Now" from his upcoming EP entitled Nu Age Soul dropping soon.

Connecticut-based artist Shiwan released a new free single "Neutral," produced by Asthon McCreight.

The new single "Battle Cry" by I4C aka Illumina†ed 4 Chris† is a call to arms for Christians to spread the Gospel in a sin sick world.

Abidez new single "Mad World" is a compassionate track with a cry for love and passion especially in the face of adversity.

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