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"The purpose of this track is to encourage others to speak the truth boldly and never compromise no matter what. I'm a new artist so I want people to get a better understanding of who I am."

"This is a surprise release for my wife and my second anniversary, where I wanted to put out a catchy, pop sounding song that would knock her off her feet. Love is more than a feeling, it’s God in us and working through us and that’s why I know my wife and I have the real deal. I wanted to take what God has given us to encourage others to pursue the same."

Christian Hip-Hop artist Nerva released new single "I Repent." More than just an anthem or cliche, Nerva reminds us not to take God's kindness for weakness or His patience for slack - Jesus death presented us the opportunity to turn away from sin and follow Him.

"'Cheesin' is about the fake smile that we wear to fool outsiders. Even when we least feel like it, we put on a smile to appear we are ok but really we are just hurting ourselves."

'The song is called "Unworthy" and speaks of how undeserving we are of Jesus' sacrifice but he called us worth it. When we can embrace how far we are from deserving of this gift, we can truly live in appreciation.'

This upcoming Zimbabwean artist Crusader started making music in 2013, producing his first mixtape later that year called Recovery.

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