Exclusive Download: Andy Mineo - Heroes For Sale Remix EP

Soul Glow Activatur aka Solomon Olds

I met Andy Mineo last year on some spot dates he had with Family Force 5 while I was still in the band. I was working on some tracks and didn't get to see him much for the few shows we had. I hadn't seen him live yet, which he is amazing by the way, so we started talking beats, what artists we liked, 116 stuff, & just started joking around with him and his boys cause they seemed fun. He ended up showing me his album Heroes for Sale before it was about to drop and I was blown away. He showed me the track "Wild Things" cause it had him screaming on it like some emo/metal kid ... haha. He asked if he sounded alright screaming and I told him he sounded legit. Andy said Lecrae wanted me to guest/scream on "Wild Things" but they ran out of time to get it to me. Dang!!! Anyway, I became a big fan of his after hearing all the amazing music he was coming up with. I hit Andy up a few months later and asked him if he would let me remix the song and if he would jump on a track with me one day. Right now the favor has been pulled and I'm looking forward to have him jump on a track with me in the future :)

I loved Andy's aggressive take on the song and the lyrical content of him going into "wild" places to reach people. I wanted it to sound "wild" like in the Congo-wild! I've been listening to EDM trap a ton and wanted to mix trap elements with jungle like elements. I wanted to make drops that make the track go off so I started with his vocals and then went in on some trap drums that felt hood to me. I wanted the 8o8s to sound angry so I made some of them bend to get a crazy sound! After I got the drums right - I found an Asian loop of some kids playing water gong/bells that sounded like another world but kinda hood too. I added some jungle noises and a giant lion growl right before the drop and it sounded like magic to me! I sent the track to him and he asked if I could scream on it. I made more of a chorus out of the original vocals and screamed on it along with him. So the choruses, the drop, & his verses feel like some jungle safari you are going along with Andy & I. I'm super happy with it and so was Andy and think its one of the coolest remixes I've ever done. I was honored that such a creative guy would let me go in on his song! God bless Andy and Neverland is amazing too :)

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