Triumfant Muzik 'The Power Project'


1. Prelude
2. Power (Intro) (feat. Fee-Lo, Lu-I, Konviction, Larry BirthRight & Aero)
3. Devil Knocking (feat. Aero)
4. Romans 12:2 (feat. Larry BirthRight, Fee-Lo, Aero, Lu-I & Konviction)
5. Gone Learn 2Day (feat. Larry BirthRight, T-Strike, & Lu-I)
6. Sun Comes Up (feat. Fee-Lo)
7. Grace (feat. Larry BirthRight,Konviction & Fee-Lo)
8. Soul Sing (feat. Lu-I)
9. Heaven is Good (feat. Konviction)
10. Amped Up (feat. Fee-Lo,Larry BirthRight,Lu-I & Konviction)
11. Go Crazy (feat. Lu-I, Konviction, Aero, Larry BirthRight & Fee-Lo)
12. Salvation (feat. Konviction)
13. Takeover (feat. Aero, Konviction, Larry BirthRight & Lu-I)
14. Money (feat. Lu-I)
15. It's Me (feat. Larry BirthRight)
16. Russian Roulette (feat. Aero)
17. Right Here (feat. Larry BirthRight)
18. Walk With Me (feat. Fee-Lo)
19. Power (Outro) (feat. Lu-I, Fee-Lo, Larry BirthRight, Konviction & Aero)
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Steven Solis is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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