Christon Gray 'Body Art'


1. Life Is (Prod. by Swoope)
2. Clear the air (Prod. by Ra Charm)
3. Captain America (Prod. by Swoope
4. Momentum feat. Wize (Prod. by Wit)
5. Dodge (Prod by Redd Lettaz)
6. Blue Skies feat. Swoope, Alex Faith, & Dre Murray (Prod. by Wit)
7. EWEWU feat. S.O. (Prod. by Wit)
8. Good Mourning (Prod. by Swoope)
9. Ask feat. Kelly Kelz & Dre Murray (Prod. by Wit)
10. Autumn Leaves feat. Lauren Heatherly (Prod. Megaman Band)
11. Cry No More feat. KamBINO and Word Perfect (Prod. by Swoope)
12. The End feat. Word Perfect (Prod. by Vanilla)
13. EWEWU – Instrumental (Prod. by Wit)
14. Autumn Leaves – Instrumental (Prod. by Megaman)
15. Blue Skies – Instrumental (Prod. by Wit)
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Chad Horton has been in the music business since 2000 and is currently the Director of Social Media for 10th Street Entertainment, which manages several multi-platinum artists. Originally from Northern California, Horton rooted himself in San Diego with his wife and two daughters.

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