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May 2012
( 247 Votes )
Wit & Dre Murray 'Hell's Paradise II: The Mask Parade' - 4.8 out of 5 based on 247 votes

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Chapter 1: Life Is Komplicated

1. Life Is… Interlude
2. I Miss You (feat. Kelly Kelz)
3. Spazzing Out
4. Choices (feat. Wize)
5. Komplicated (feat. Sean C. Johnson)

Chapter 2: Welcome Home

6. Homecoming Interlude
7. Welcome to H-Town II (feat. Lecrae, Shei Atkins & Von Won)
8. Don't Do It (feat. Jito)
9. Switch Me Up (feat. Cam & Swoope)
10. Dark Knight Rises

Chapter 3: Goodnight Mr. Hood

11. Sweet Dreams Interlude
12. Goodnight (feat. Rigz & Wize)
13. Brand New Nostalgia
14. HP 2.5 (Guitar by Daniel Chrisman)
15. Clive Lee Hood

Chapter 4: Psycho

16. Hitchcock Interlude
17. Psycho
18. Can't Fake It (feat. Alex Faith & PRo)
19. The Help
20. LOL Nevermind
21. Don't Misunderstand (feat. B. Reith & A-Flo)
22. The Day (feat. Wes Pendleton & Kelly Kelz)

*"The Day" co-produced by Wes Pendleton (Appears Courtesy of Illect Recordings)
*"Don't Do It" co-produced by Jito

Executive Produced by: Elvin "Wit" Shahbazian, Andre Murray
Mixed/Mastered by: Elvin "Wit" Shahbazian for I Qwit Music
Narration by: Eshon Burgundy
Artwork by: Roman Johnson



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