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Apr 2012
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Steve-T - Steve-T Exclusive (The Anthem) - 4.4 out of 5 based on 39 votes

Producer of Flame's "Move", "Show Out" ft. Lecrae, and "Running", also Json's "Brand New", and Forever's "Put Me In", Steve-T releases a free track entitled "Steve-T Exclusive". The song expresses how Steve-T uses his gift of producing to glorify God. Steve-T, also a member of the group Forever, was the producer of a group out of St.Louis, MO called DaBanggaz. DaBanggaz signed a major deal with Atlantic records in early 2006. "The whole dream of being this big superstar, having money,women, drugs, etc just wasn't all that it was hyped up to be". (quoted from Steve-T) "God began to deal with me, as I would get these strong convictions in the middle of a show". In hearly 2008 Steve-T gave his life to Jesus Christ and would later go on to team up with life long friend Milley-Boy to form the group Forever. "It took me a while to understand that every gift I have is God given and they are attatched to a purpose way bigger than me".



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