Pony Cop - Bring Me Back

*Produced by Katie Carlene

FYI: Pony Cop is a group consisting of Katie Carlene & Customary.


Verse 1:
If I still can feel you in my bones//Does that mean, that there's still some hope//and I know that I can't do this on my own//I tend to leave, yea I tend to go//and who said, this would be easy//not you and not me i know//i know you gotta work for what is good//even if its free


Well if you're the son and I'm the air//you warm me up you keep me clear//and every word I've left unspoken//every part of me is broken//If you're the light then I'm the dark//and I need you to see my scars//everything you are,//I need everything you are

Could you bring me back again (repeat 3x)

Verse 2:
I've reached an all time low, but I've still seen that you're blessing me//you give me what i need to at least keep all my sanity//I've had my share of vanity, it's not quite what I planned to be//but now i have to manage or i'll just fall back substantially//and forgive those that abandoned me, but pride is as hard as nails//my pride wants me to say that i'll be fine all by myself//I try and i fail, then i try and i prevail,//whether it's done by my own hands, or by your hands it's hard to tell//so raise me from a fallen frame of mind//and take me to a proper place to find//a constant way of life//it's either wrong or right//but it's//hard to see with blurred sight//trust and faith are hard to gain, but it's all coming with time//It's hard to mold a broken//heart, when all hope was torn apart,//life's a cold war from the start, hold too close and you won't go far//what's supposed can't be forced, so let go of all control,//there's no point in holding on when it's prone to take its course


Could you bring me back again (repeat 5x)

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