Gospel Emcee - Old Skool 2012

(English Translation)

"Alpha! Switch on the sampler!"

2012: A New Year

A new production for the same concept.//No fake strategy!//I'll stay the same in my resolutions to change//Because I do love change especially when it doesn’t come from me//but through a supernatural Force,//The Father, The Son and Spirit, the one and only person//decided to shape me into His image,///a creature destined for perfection.//I'll stop saying that my life is awful//I'll stop complaining and blaming it on the whole planet//It is clear that I will repeat the same mistakes over and over//As I am growing, I understand that my strength gets lower//Thus wisdom filling me//and leaving much more space to the power of Christ.


What! It's not the music that made me believe//It's a path that I have chosen//No matter what you think, what you say!//I do not care!//I have to go forth//to the point//that even when walking backwards I will overtake you.//Old Skool 2-0-1-2

Constructive Flow like Lego!//Warfare techniques like stratego!//Player mcs have become my "playmobils"//It's a game of chess in which I challenge the dumb//while keeping a smile. "Cheese"!//Even in the storm, I'll never be scared,//coz in the midst of the crisis//I have learned the definition of the word "quiet".//Instead of entering your menly battles//your useless debates, and your futile clashes//I prefer opening my big mouth to announce the Holy Gospel//to all those who are humble enough to admit that life isn't always easy//To all those who dream of a simple little house on the prairie like the Ingalls Family


Alpha Toshinza//represents//the Alpha and the Omega//He is the first One//He is the last One//The Beginning//and the End Avant-Gardiste Old School!//Welcome into the last days, cousin!//The end of time is coming soon.//The Moment of Truth can be revealed at any time.


2-0-1-2 (x3)

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