V.Rose - No Better U

The song "No Better U" is a song that is very special to me. I really thought about the girls who comment on my social media who are always telling me how beautiful they think I am and how they wish they could be like me. This song is my personal message back to all of them. I start by saying "I feel like hiding out underneath my hoodie somedays, I just don't feel pretty somedays, I admit that, I bet you didn't know I get like that". There are some days I feel horrible about how I look and insecure about everything. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we wish we looked like because we see someone else who we think looks perfect. I know the feeling trust me; But, that's when we have to stop ourselves and remember that we are not so average and we are fearfully and wonderfully made. It was a beautiful realization for me to stop and think about how no one in the entire world could be better at being me than I could. No one can be a better you!

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