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Jun 2013
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Lucius - BlindFold - 4.7 out of 5 based on 24 votes

Lucius is a singer/poet raised in Gary, IN who by Gods grace survived the streets of the inner-city. Once facing 6 to 20yrs for dealing cocaine and 6yrs for battery to police officer/ resisting arrest, is now on mission for the Lord Jesus Christ, a member of Blueprint Church in Atlanta, GA. Not only can you catch him singing, rapping or co-writing on joints like “Good Life” on 'Rehab: The Overdose' by Lecrae, but also acting in films like "Man Up” by Reach Records/Reach Life Ministries where he played “Jazz".

In the world we see social media, television, videos and radio, pushing this image of what a woman is: aggressive, a sexual toy, lesbian, independent of man, etc. The result is a perverted image of what God created them to be which has caused them to be blinded to the truth. This single “BlindFold”, from the upcoming EP entitled 'No Longer I' out July 13th, is tackling these issues by speaking from Gods heart that says “They don’t see you like I do. I created you in my image, they’re blind, and they have blinded you.” Our goal with this record is to reach the heart of women with the heart of God.




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