Flashback Friday: GRITS - Cataclysmic Circles

"Cataclysmic Circles"
Mental Releases
1995 Gotee Records

So what? I liked the nineties! These former DC Talk stuntmen (aka GRITS) calmly split the nineties right in half with their refreshing freshman offering… or refreshman if you will. Since you already know what made it fresh man, you may be wondering what made it refreshing man. I’m glad you asked! Mental Releases had a ‘I shop at whole foods’ earthy, don’t take me too serious, ‘I didn’t use to kill people before I was saved’ sound. It was also the first time in quite a while where you didn’t have to wear sunglasses to look at the album art. And after reopening the old East Coast versus West Coast wound over the last few weeks, I figured it was time to dash into the middle like my boy Malcolm. GRITS was from the middle and proud of it! Which I get, Tennessee is one of my favorite States. If I could, I would move my entire family down there. Well, except for my children whom I would leave behind to fend for themselves. Anyways back to GRITS… they were the first group that were authentically hip hop and were tied to the CCM powers that be. GRITS was our ticket out of here! Here being the Christian Hip Hop ghetto (or so we thought... it would be another 15 years before anyone escaped). The song I chose is still my favorite GRITS song to this day. It was produced by Todd Collins (another dude you’ll want to do some research on if you want to know the history of Christian Hip Hop) who is both a great friend and even a greater jerk. Cataclysmic Circles was produced after he sold out and before he sold out again. I want to know your thoughts, leave a comment below or message me on your favorite social network!

Timothy J. Trudeau is the CEO of Quality Junk and has been involved in Christian Hip Hop one way or the other for most of his life.

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