Flashback Friday: S.F.C. - Kill The Spirit ft. Alliance of Light (Gospel Gangstaz)

It's impossible to consider Christian Hip Hop history without Chris Cooper A.K.A. Sup, A.K.A. Super C, A.K.A. Soup The Chemist. His "group" was S.F.C., which stood for Soldiers For Christ. During this era there wasn't even a path yet for guys like Lecrae to walk down. So, it took guys like Chris Cooper to tie a bandana around his head, and start clearing the path with his machete for any of what we see today to be possible. S.F.C. launched MANY careers, for example on this song, "Alliance of Light" is actually the Gospel Gangstas and the track is produced by DJ Cut No Slack of I.D.O.L. King. Additional scratches by DJ Cartoon who was part of the group Freedom of Soul. Freedom of Soul also included Peace586 which was instrumental in starting Tunnel Rats.

This song is from the classic out of print album 'Phase III,' released in 1992.

Timothy J. Trudeau is the CEO of Quality Junk and has been involved in Christian Hip Hop one way or the other for most of his life.

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