FLAME - Trap Money - feat. Thi'sl & Young Noah

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Trap money good but the wrath only pilin’

Verse 1 (Thi’sl):
He say he paid the cost/ to be the boss/he want that new Bent/top off/he say he burn the block hot sause/he say the world is his but look at what it cost/See his daddy was a dope boy/uncle was a dope boy/brother was a dope boy/sister was a dope girl/cousin was a dope boy/only thing that he new was dope boy/now everybody that I named in jail or dead/its like the devil putting that money on they head/see the trap money good/but the wrath is pillin’/you and God got beef/you don’t want them problems/cause why we getting fast that money good/but believe me it won’t help you when they put you in that wood/boy


Verse 2 (Young Noah):
Back in the day I had a lot of pay/ but then I got saved/ took a pay cut by the way I’m still blessed/ Money can solve some problems but if you on the wrong side of when He crack that sky it’s gonna be grotesque/ It’s gonna be a hot mess/ surrounded by dead flesh eternally hopeless/ You better listen to the sound of the Holy Ghost stumping bumping jumping up in your chest/ That money won’t last it’ll pass like gas/ it’ll fade like grass fast/ Whiplash in your face like car crash/ if you keep on living in darkness/ Homeboy I know you ain’t heartless/ Rick Ross done fed you that garbage/ This is not a dis/ this is just a word for the dope boy trapping and rapping dealing with life challenges/ All I’m trying to tell them is/ they can be better then they can be better men/ lawyers doctors high school letter men/ Why are you settling for the same thing locked up your partner them/ why would you follow them why would you model them/ they ain’t did nothing but fail/ Jesus Christ I pray you follow him/


Verse 3 (FLAME):
I see you in these streets out here trying to get it/you never sleep trying to triple your diggets/I know your model is money over everything/ Mr. Ice Cream man moving hurricane/you got that trap money got you feeling hood rich/ got you feeling good with/ racks on racks and hood chicks/ but after that you could get/ caught up with some Fed time/ or God forbid they hit the kid with rad-di-tat tat bed time/ or worst than that you keep trapping/ Oscar winner keep acting/ like you don’t hear the LORD calling one day He’s gon’ reek havoc/ ask the real Rick Ross/ all that money can get lost/ God’s gon’ ask how you respond to His Son on a bloody cross


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