Phanatik - Sweet 16's (ft. Disciple & Evangel)


Verse 1 (Phanatik):
I been waitin’ for my verse to grow up, you know what/
It just turned 16 and this means so much/
I think I’ll throw a party, I think I know an audience/
who can come and help me put some Gras on my Mardi/
But can we keep it holy, can we keep it so the angels/
angling around us ain’t ashamed to claim they know me/
Like “we bangin witchu homie” cause you play for the home-team/
And we can go and kick it now cuz Jesus is our goalie and/
They can’t put nothing pass Him, ask Him/
Everything you’re passionate about is just a route right to Him has been/
Since you was in your cradle, since you was neonatal/
Every cry and craving back when you was just a day old/
Was teaching you to say His name in the language of the soul/
And Soli Deo Gloria’s the way it goes/
Leading us to Christmas’s gift like Rudolf’s nose/
So much glory you might even say it glows/

We got a gift for you so while you’re listening to these brother’s giving you these sweet 16’s/
And as you see the flow we hope to see you go and growing older with these sweet 16’s/
Growing in the faith we’re going in cuz hey we don’t wanna waste these sweet 16’s/
No more stunted growth we don’t want it, no we only want another sweet 16/

Verse 2 (Disciple):
Now...if you clappin ya beam early and stackin ya cream firstly/
You probably got offered Jesus He had to have seemed worthy/
The addict and fiend heard me, a second chance at life/
I was not expecting to see like Shaq in a green jersey/
At first it was thunder and rage, I would front for the stage/
But set me off and I was loud as a pump and a gauge/
My faith was slumped in a cage/
Until Jesus intervened swoopin in and gave my belief a coming of age/
I'm throwin a party to celebrate, He's been big/
Tryna get every believer to come to my shindig/
Invitin the cats that like to get rude ac/
Once they show up we can tell em Christ will wash em as white as a tube sock/
Its a celebration in Jesus the seed will stay sewn/
1st Corinthians will tell you homey my faiths grown/
Its Christ that we run to and get clean, we place Him on big screens/
Makin Him famous with sweeter sixteens/


Verse 3 (Evangel):
I won't keep you guessing, if you're prepubescent/
Holiness had a clearance sale, we would still clearly fail/
Take the clearasil, we here to declare His will/
And give the wherewithal to all even on geratol/
Cause we sinned, so we reach men/
Preaching our crap de-pends on Christ like Dependz/
His death ends the earth's curse,
and begins the church birth/
By faith we get a seal like flapping fins and aurf, aurf/
Before your rolling up eyes and giving stares at moms/
He was holy rolling to God with His pierced palms/
The Alpha and Omega, no Phi Beta/
Hits the sky later, like hi haters, He’ll annihilate the violators/
No faith, no chasing your prom date/
There is no grace, no place for a calm state/
So that in essence, you can have this blessing/
If you add a lesson, to your adolescence/
About the Author
Chad Horton has been in the music business since 2000 and is currently the Director of Social Media for 10th Street Entertainment, which manages several multi-platinum artists. Originally from Northern California, Horton rooted himself in San Diego with his wife and two daughters.

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