Yung'N "Breathe"

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I'm bout to murder this I'm goin' in like burglars
I ball like an ornament but more than a tournament..
I'm bout to blow like a trumpet n*gga durn-ner-nent
I'm sure of it always right (write) … journalist
This game is my house, i know you see that throne in it
First rule n*gga don't sit up on the furniture
Halleluah baby, "The Game"? im bout to SAVE it
I should be the next chapter after Revalation
Cause look at my testimony, how God just blessed the homie
I get it IN EARLY, just like breakfast homie
You cant' stop me i am godly
And y'all on thin ICE with the Lord, me? im playing AIR hockey
That demon in the background? Aint laughing at me!
It's laughing at you rappers that is badly deceived
The eye is how you actually "Perceive"…
But the ear is how you actually can SEE.. ask Adam and Eve

Now baby just breathe, breathe (x3)
As i perform this exorcism take your devil and leave! BREATHE!

Ok cool, it really wanna play like hard to get?
It's really trying to kill me too?! cool! I'm a martyr then
I got my head high, like I'm gargling
Is that laugh really supposed to be startling?!
So i see just how you start a trend….
First you start with sin….
Every song's sex…. thats pretty good marketing
Promote selling drugs, then promote murdering
Promote homosexuality, just throw it in
Then, promoting hoeing, promote stealing, and showing skin
Promote lying, promote cheating with others, and
Promote gangs, promote "Green", thats controlling them….
Thats what makes these rappers sell their soul to HIM
And he just be laughing like…(hehehe)…you know why?
Cause he know he got you like…(hehehe)…and you know what i tell him?
"You can laugh for now, yea you got em NOW
But imma get em and make sure they're Heaven bound
Exorcism style, take the Devil out
I rap for God's glory….but im a rebel NOW?
Think about it….how that sound?!
Hip-Hop breathe while i take the Devil out!

Now baby just breathe, breathe (x3)
As i perform this exorcism take your devil and leave! BREATHE!

This game got LOW morale, so hold it UP, not hold it down…
I'm BEEFING for the LORD…. i call that holy cow
Son of God, but im feeling like an only child
Son of Lucifer? No use of ya! Like a soaking towel
Except go to Hell, Sulfur smell, groans and yells!
Screaming "I'm burning, ouh!, why'd i ever go this route?!"
I don't even know but im trying to make sure ye don't go
I think its working, no DATING, im bout to take the devil OUT! (You)
Cleanse your soul is my goal, "Never, No!"
N*gga why're you being so difficult?!
Is it cause you're in to hoes, in their holes, in to sin, addicted, SO
not "Innocent", you're guilty and n*gga where the guilty go?…….
Heaven knows, Hell dos (2),hell TOO
Life is a timed test that tells you..
If you're eligible, for heaven, or you..
Failed miserably and gotta go to "Summer School"..
But its open book! just go and look!
In the Bible, the answer's right in front of you
So you can't fail unless you're just a dummy dude
So don't stress, just one (breath) two

Now baby just breathe, breathe (x3)
As i perform this exorcism take your devil and leave! BREATHE!

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