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Sep 2010
Thi'sl "You're The One" music video featuring Pastor AD3 - 4.4 out of 5 based on 48 votes
Sep 2010
Written by Philip Rood

Rapzilla partnered with K-Drama and Cross Movement Records to offer 3 different prize packs to supporters. The big prize was Logos Bible Software, P90X, and K-Drama's new album 'We Fit: The Workout Plan'!

The randomly selected winner is a brother by the name of Josh Groves. Hit him up on Twitter @joshgroves! Thanks for everyone that entered and helped spread the word about K-Drama's new album, Cross Movement Records, Logos Bible Software, and P90X!
Sep 2010
Review - Night Owls 5 'Bird Flu' - 4.1 out of 5 based on 30 votes
Written by David Kincannon

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Since the beginning of recorded music, there has been one constant: record labels. For the most part, they come and go, especially on the independent scene. Labels like Sun Records, Sub-Pop and Metal Blade have all shaped different genres in music, and have even heralded changing trends. Some of these labels live on for an extended period of time and some are absorbed by major labels.

Unfortunately, the shelf life for most indie labels is very brief, and Christian Hip Hop is not immune to that particular business truth. In the past 20 years, labels like Frontline, Grapetree, Reserved Records and Uprok were well respected, but have since gone the way of the dodo. They've been succeeded by labels like Reach Records and Illect. However, since the 90s, one record label* has continued to thrive and provide solid hip hop with a spiritual message: Syntax Records.

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Sep 2010
Backstage News

Reports are in that the new Lecrae 'REHAB' album packaging comes with an ad for his next album, he's coming out with another album on January 11th, 2011 entitled 'Rehab: The Overdose' with 11 tracks. Check the promo inserted into 'REHAB' after the jump.

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