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Hip Hop has frequently been blamed and caricatured by the media. The overdose of anti-Hip Hop sentiment typically is shifted to the lyrical poison that is seen as the enemy of black advancement. Cash, cars and women are glorified, and impressionable men/women (who are most often black) fall hook, line and sinker…or so goes the storyline. But few media outlets have embraced the challenge of looking deeper into the complex struggle of right and wrong that has always been the invisible narrative of the culture.

News anchor Bill Weir recently waded into these deep waters on CNN Tonight in a 15-minute feature on the legendary Hip Hop group The Clipse. The duo of brothers (No Malice and Pusha-T) gave Weir an all-access pass into their rocky upbringing, street fame and artistic split as the reporter contrasted the good and evil of both rappers. Weir pressed Gene and Terrence about how they indulged in the “delicious spoils of their talent”, a lifestyle that Pusha still actively promotes. No Malice, no stranger to the Christian Hip Hop community, had a much different outlook, hesitating to even speak of his past in detail. “When I think about my infidelities…the heartbreak that I caused my wife, that I caused myself. When I think about her forgiveness, how the Word of God repaired us and nothing else. When I think about that; to me, it’s a no brainer. I can’t return to that lifestyle and that kind of way. I don’t have a choice.” Add a comment