“I’m Good” was one of the last songs to be recorded for my new album, The Good Life. Lecrae and I actually wrote and recorded an entirely different song, and we liked it at first. But eventually we decided it was just pretty good; and we wanted to put out something great. So I played a few beats for him that
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Suzy Rock has been impressing us for the last few years with her guest appearances both singing and rapping. Her delivery offers alot of variety, at times you'll get an authentic ATL accent with heavy hitting
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There are many things that you can see on the internet that just gets your mind buzzin’. Within the last few weeks we have seen videos on KONY2012, “Why I hate Religion, But Love Jesus”, “Why I hate Religion, buy love Jesus (Muslim version), etc. Do I really need to start on the Presidential candidates? I mean seriously. What and who do you believe? Is everything we see or hear propaganda? I know of one thing that you can bet your life on… let’s talk about it.

This article started as a conversation with someone many of you have heard of, FLAME! If you haven’t heard of FLAME then you will not know that he just dropped his 6th album called The 6th. The 6th is an album that all of you should pick up. Solid lyrics with solid beats make this a must buy. That being said there is one song on there that really got me thinking. The song is called “Scripture Alone”.

When chatting with FLAME I found out one thing about him that is abundantly clear. He believes with no doubt that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. Not compromising and with no error. See this would seem to be the norm for most Christians but it isn’t. As FLAME drops knowledge on this track there is no substitution for the word of God. 40 authors in 3 different languages for 66 books and it is perfect.

FLAME states it like this “The real force behind this record is my desire to understand Anthropology, the study of mankind, and how it relates to our relationship with Christ. Jesus came to Earth and spoke with authority to men and women. His word is black and white. It is in your face much like hip hop. I’ve definitely had my own tragic events in my lifetime but when I came to Christ, I repented and he saved me. It was at that point that I made the decision to keep with the rap game but to honor God through it.”

Let’s jump in and see what we can learn from FLAME track “Scripture Alone”:

I can hear your question homie “is that book reliable?”
Yes it is the testaments are very verifiable
What do you believe in? What do you abide by?
Maybe it’s a mixture of different stuff – tye dye
You boys are all syncretist, sinking in your own thoughts
The book that I hold to, cohesive and never off
Saying my book carrying lies but it’s quite the contrary
66 Holy scripts it’s more like a library
Written by by 40 authors in 3 different languages
English is not one of them Greek and Hebrew surely is
Inspired and inerrant, woah what does that mean?
It’s from God and without error in absolutely everything
Yeah it addresses class in session boy I hope you learn something
Hear them lies from the other guys boy I hope you turn from ‘em
Why does it matter though, if the Bible is false or true?
Matter fact before you answer that let me caution you
Don’t play with epistemology homie we need absolutes
If there’s no such thing as truth then…
He can do what he wanna do
She can do what she wanna do
And can’t nobody say nothing
If a killer pull them choppers out and feel like spraying something
Ain’t nobody say it’s wrong and we all know that’s a lie
Somebody outside of us has to speak and rectify
That’s just what God did in the Christian Holy Book
Why don’t you crack it open sit down take a look

God is communicating with us man, the Bible is the most thoroughly documented book work
of all antiquity. If we can’t trust in the Bible we can’t trust nothing. Let’s go!

Why they give my book a hard time? Especially the New Testament
Bi-textual variance that’s utterly irrelevant
To the proper understanding and translation of the text
Yes with more manuscripts there are more variants
But the more the merrier Homie this not a threat
This is strong evidence we possess the original text
Having these manuscripts, different areas different times
Yet they all testify to the same text
God is so_____________ Ain’t no words to explain
How he preserved his words through desert, plains, and heavy rains
But they trying to tell us that the Bible’s been corrupted
I say they are misinformed and they might as well cut it
See FLAME is bout to go deep and I ain’t talking scuba gear
I’m talking real scholarly bought to bring some proof in here
P75 codex vaticanus
These are two manuscripts from scriptures in the canon
And when I say canon I ain’t talking bout “BOOM!”
But the collection of books that will function as the rule
Back to P75 it’s from the second century
The other one is from the fourth sorry for the history
150 years these copies are separated
But it’s so fascinating how they are so closely related
There is not team either controlling the transmission
Just God and His Holy Spirit looking out for his Christians!

Woah! Good stuff for sure. There are many different ways we can go with this but there are
three main points we should make:

1) The scripture alone discusses that what is written is the truth. In John 17:17 it says “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.” No matter what the world tries to tell us our faith in the Bible being truth is secure. It’s black and white and clear.

2) The criticism that comes from non-Christians is expected. The criticism will be confrontational but can’t be trusted. In Psalm 25:5 God’s word says “Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I will wait all the daylong.” Truth will prevail.

3) The truth guarantees us our future. Trusting in Jesus Christ guarantees our inheritance which is eternal life. Ephesians 1:13-14 says “In him you also, when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and believed in him, were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until we acquire possession of it, to the praise of his glory.”

There are many things that are said to us in our lives that just aren’t right. We can find absolute truth, as FLAME speaks about, through God’s Holy Word. We should not leave this world the same way we found it. Let’s make a difference!

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Music websites and magazines receive ridiculous amounts of emails from bands looking to get journalists to write about their band! Therefore, if you are unable to afford big money bribes, then you need to follow these simple guidelines for contacting music websites to improve your chances of being featured.
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We first discovered Bumps INF when he submitted his remix for a contest Bizzle was hosting which he won and got featured on Bizzle's 'The Messenger 2'. He was subsequently featured on 'The Messenger 3' and signed by Bizzle to his God Over Money label. Also, he recently got some shine on Dillon Chase's recent project 'Speak Up.'
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Hip hop, what a wonderful creation. What a great contribution to humanity. How many people have been encouraged by hip hop culture and rap music? Billions, I'm sure. When one hears the term hip hop, names like DJ Kool Herc, Africa Bambaata, Grandmaster Flash, Russell Simmons, Kurtis Blow, Sugarhill Gang, Fat Boys,
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One of the lowest income areas in my county is a place called Alabama Village in the city of Prichard. In the “Village” there are literally houses without running water, heating and cooling. There is not just one house but there are several. At one time Prichard had the highest murder rate in the state. My point is that this is a violent and dark area but in the midst of it all…there is a light. It’s called the Light of the Village.
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Skrip seemingly came out of nowhere in 2011 with a solo album, production, and co-writing for Thi'sl, Andy Mineo and others. Despite the Christian Hip Hop scene just being introduced to Skrip, he had been
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This STL youngin' has been on his grind since the age of 15, but 2011 was definitely the biggest year for T-Word. When we interviewed him back in July at Legacy Conference in Chicago, IL he revealed to us details of his first major project, an EP he is currently working on entitled 'Big Mouth'.
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Much like their music, Frontline Movement created a huge ruckus in the Christian Hip Hop scene last year. They offer the crunk/party/anthem style of music that's popular within the secular industry today, but by being themselves, which is rare. The group which at first consisted of Corey Paul, Reconcile, and F.O.E. dropped the hit single
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Only a few months after their first collab on Martymar.'s free album 'Please Don't Make Me Look Bad', the infamous duo known as Social Club was born. Before Social Club, both Martymar. and F.E.R.N. had released projects of
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Saint Louis, MI is known for a variety of sounds in Hip Hop, one of those being crunk music. Forever, the group which consist of the two members Milley-Boy and Steve-T are no strangers to this sound.
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Neil Young made waves this week with some comments about digital music files—first at the Sundance Film Festival, and then later in an All Things D interview. But lost in the media frenzy is his real point. Young wasn't putting down all digital music. Instead, he was referring specifically to the compressed MP3 and AAC files most people listen to today. Truth is, they just don't sound all that good.

It also turns out that despite helping to popularize digital music, Steve Jobs was a closet audiophile. Young said Steve Jobs was working with him, among other artists and engineers, on a method of delivering higher-quality files to consumers. This in and of itself isn't new; about a year ago, CNN learned Apple was in talks to make available 24-bit uncompressed music files in iTunes. But interestingly, Young also said Steve shared an interest in vinyl records, which have recently gained a new generation of fans despite the format's overall impracticality.

It's All About the Music—But It's Really About the Data
The renewed focus on audio quality in some circles has a sense of déjà vu about it. Some of it recalls the 1970s, back when the term "high fidelity" was thrown around to indicate quality stereo recordings. We also saw this go around again at the turn of the millennium with the introduction of SACD and DVD Audio formats, which brought 24-bit fidelity and surround sound to audio mixes, although neither took off at the time.

So what's going on here? In a word, it's about data. More data translates to better-sounding audio files—but those files are largely unavailable to most consumers. Granted, to the casual listener, Amazon MP3 and Apple iTunes Store sound pretty good, as they're encoded as 256Kbps MP3 and AAC files for the most part. Amazon has some MP3 files encoded at variable bit rates, but most of them center around the 224Kbps to 256Kbps range. AAC generally sounds slightly better than MP3 when encoded at the same bit rate, although recent improvements in MP3 encoding algorithms have largely rendered this academic.

Aside from music purchases, 256Kbps is also iTunes' default encoding rate for when you rip audio CDs in iTunes (although you can change it), and it's the size iCloud uses to deliver tracks to other PCs or mobile devices on your network if you're a subscriber. I'm just using Apple products here as an example; Windows Media Player, Winamp, and countless other apps do similar things. Any way you cut it, 256Kbps files sound a lot better than ones encoded at 128Kbps, which is what Apple used years ago before it removed DRM from its iTunes Store tracks. Granted, 256Kbps files take up twice the space as 128Kbps files, but on today's devices, that usually isn't a problem, and the improved sound quality is worth it.

The thing is, 256Kbps still isn't enough. Higher-resolution, uncompressed, 16-bit audio files match the sound you get on an actual CD. 24-bit sound files even sound better; the increased headroom matches the format most artists and mix engineers have been working in over the past decade or so.

Cheap consumer electronics manufacturers abused the phrase "CD-quality" for many years, but in this case it still has meaning. True CD-quality files take up anywhere from three to 10 times as much as space as an MP3 or AAC file, depending on the latter's bit rate; 24-bit files take up even more space. They come in several formats: FLAC, WAV, AIFF, and Apple Lossless. (FLAC and Apple Lossless contain some data compression but only in a method that doesn't affect sound quality. FLAC is much more widely supported than Apple Lossless, though.)

At this point, there are two main issues with uncompressed audio files: space and bandwidth. Hard drives are getting cheaper by the day. But mobile devices are still constrained by the capacity limits of flash storage, and the recent move towards non-mechanical, solid-state drives in ultrabooks also puts a pinch on available space. Download times are also a concern; it takes much longer to download an uncompressed album than it does an MP3 file, straining broadband connections and putting a damper on the recent surge in cloud-based sync services from Amazon, Apple and Google.

This article continues and goes more in depth. Continue reading here,2817,2399711,00.asp

130 plus comments tells me that a lot of you have already seen, or added your comments to, the conversation about piracy on Rapzilla’s Facebook page. As an artist, this is an issue that we don’t often speak out about, but deal with regularly. I'm reminded of the drama that took place when Metallica lead the charge against Napster. Artists are expected to be people-pleasers
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Rapzilla had plenty of Christian Hip Hop downloads for 2011. Here are the year's most downloaded albums on Rapzilla. Leave a comment of what you think of the list, and will you be downloading any more albums?
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After weeks of time, effort, and debate from the staff at Rapzilla, we bring to you our nominations for who we chose as leading in a specific category as it relates to doing music. The categories for 2011 are: Artist, Album, Free Album, Song, Group/Crew, New Artist, Record Label, Producer, Album Cover, and Music Video.

To qualify to be nominated, the artist must have released an official full length album, or EP available at retail outlets with a release date between December 2010 and November 2011. Click 'Like' to vote for your top picks! We will be following up and posting the winners by reader votes as well as Rapzilla's Best of 2011 picks. Voting ends January 10th 2012. Click each nomination to listen to their music or watch their music video.
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Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine life without iPods and CD's talk less of a day spent without Facebook and Twitter and other social mediums, the basic tools many artists in this day and age use to aid in their pursuit of conveying the message within their music. Such means were non-existent back in the 90's, the era that UK Christian Hip Hop burst onto the scene. With founding fathers such as Paul Servier (better known as DJ Royal Priest), Gifted, Blessed Man and a group named MOD and End Dayz, who later went on to release the UK’s first Christian Hip Hop Album.

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The older that hip hop (and I) get, the further away from the roots and original meanings of hip hop terminology we get. We posted a piece called "Don't Call It A Mixtape" written by Stephen the Levite, which is basically the same article conceptually. Don't call it what it isn't. Don't Call It A Freestyle! You are NOT freestyling! This article however has a little room for debate vs. the Don't Call It A Mixtape article - which definitely doesn't.
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