Christian hip hop had a memorable 2014. Rapzilla combed through those memories for its annual Best-of Awards. After hours of heated debates, its staff nominated artists and art for nine different categories — Best Artist, Album, Free Album, Single, Group, New Artist, Producer, Music Video and Album Cover. Add a comment

N.W.A.’s 1988 song “F**k tha Police” was more than a mere song. It was an anthem in cities across the country. It became such because it powerfully captured a popular sentiment, namely, that “911 is a Joke” (as Flavor Flav famously put it) and that police officers commonly abuse their power in their policing of minority neighborhoods. Add a comment

UPDATE: Billboard told Reach Records about the change before its announcement and asked how the label felt about it. Reach said it was fine with the change. Other predominantly Christian hip-hop labels like Collision Records and Reflection Music Group were not questioned for feedback.

"Most" Christian rappers will no longer be able to appear on the gospel Billboard charts in 2014, the website announced, after "urging" from the gospel industry for change. Add a comment


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