Disturbed by the recent events in Cincinnati, McKinney, South Carolina, Baltimore and Ferguson? You should be. Yet, addressing racism should not become a black vs. white issue. It should be addressed as a right vs. wrong issue.
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Legacy Fest 2015 wrapped up yesterday evening, leaving behind it loads of good memories and fun times for those who attended the festival as well as the preceding conference.
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As yesterday came a close, so did the numerous concerts, workshops and showcases offered on day two of the Legacy Conference 2015 at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Here is another brief synopsis of the events that took place.
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Legacy Conference 2015 in Chicago wrapped up its first day of scheduled activities yesterday. In case you were unable to attend, here is a brief synopsis of the activities that have taken place so far.
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“One Route Entertainment probably won’t be around in the next couple of years,” D-Maub told Rapzilla. “It is difficult to say. I can’t say that I see myself being a part of it as much as I used to be. I just see it coming to an end pretty soon. I mean, I can’t rap forever.”
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