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A few weeks ago, I tweeted thoughts I’ve been working through regarding the potential impact CHH (Christian hip hop) can achieve. Since CHH is arguably 30 years old now, I’m wrestling through our lack of impact, organized leadership, strategy, togetherness with churches and vision. It's not that we don’t possess the attributes in part, rather, in my limited assessment, what we lack is an organized philosophy of mission bringing all these attributes together in order to mobilizes masses into action.
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There is no better way for an artist to communicate with their fans than through social media. Rapzilla has compiled a list of the Top 20 Christian Rap artists who have figured out how to best reach their fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
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Rapzilla recruited a panel of experts this year to countdown the greatest rappers in Christian hip-hop history.
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Today — Oct. 21, 2015 — is the day Marty McFly went to the future in the 1989 movie Back to the Future II. In honor of the day, Rapzilla has amassed some of Christian hip hop's most notable Back to the Future references.
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Disturbed by the recent events in Cincinnati, McKinney, South Carolina, Baltimore and Ferguson? You should be. Yet, addressing racism should not become a black vs. white issue. It should be addressed as a right vs. wrong issue.
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