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At the sound of screeching tires came the inevitable sounds of metal crunching metal. Like some gangster movie, Milton “Brother 3” Taylor jumped out of his buddy’s tricked out vehicle and threatened the frightened couple in the car behind them.
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David Tropp overcame a drug-infested home, being placed into foster care and struggling with low self-worth to become a Christian hip-hop artist with a pair of retail releases, the latest of which he dropped on Tuesday.
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Over the years, hip-hop music has introduced a number of words and phrases to the masses. It is difficult to think of any in recent years that have caught on as quickly and as widely as “no homo!”
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Eshon Burgundy will release his Humble Beast debut album The Fear of God on Tuesday — nearly two years after he surprised Christian hip hop by signing with the Portland, Oregon-based record label.
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