Rapzilla.com's 13 Freshman of 2013

Christon Gray

‘Even With Evil In Me’ was the formal indie introduction for this soulful crooner who is equally respected for the lyrical side of his vocal prowess. After his universally-applauded release and dropping music with a collective of artists called The Elevationists, he caught the ear of Collision Records. As Mr. Gray was featured prominently on Swoope’s debut Collision album ‘Wake Up’, and the special chemistry developing between the two artists was obvious. Since becoming a member of the Collision crew, Christon has been the catalyst for refreshing sounds on numerous projects by some of the movement’s trailblazers such as Lecrae, Da’ T.R.U.T.H., Eshon Burgundy and others. Christon waded into the solo waters for a more widespread intro in 2012 with the critically-acclaimed free project ‘Body Art.’ Hailed as one of the premier rising talents in any genre of Christian art, Christon’s music drips with passion for the Creator and His creation to meet at the apex of artistic, excellent worship.

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