If you’ve listened to Christian hip hop for any length of time, chances are you remember, or at least have heard of, Uprok Records. For the uninitiated, Uprok was a hip hop based sub-imprint of Brandon Ebel’s Tooth and Nail records, and was responsible for releasing several landmark Christian hip hop albums, including Tunnel Vision by the Tunnel Rats. The Tunnel Rats were a huge crew, and some of their members had a tendency to get a little bit lost in the shuffle. Luckily, Uprok was good to the Tunnel Rats posse, and put out numerous solo albums from Tunnel Rats crew members. In 2002, one of those albums was Stop the Music by New Breed, a group consisting of brother and sister Macho and Elsie Ortega. Based on that album, and his contributions to Tunnel Vision, I knew that Macho Ortega was someone to watch.
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Rappers aren’t writers! Are they? That’s what most people think. “They just rap there isn’t much depth to them”. But what happens when a rapper realizes there is more to their life than the music they create? That’s where Malice of The Clipse comes in. With a desire for people to see the man behind the music he lays it all on the line in his debut book “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked”.
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