Reach Records presents KB’s highly anticipated debut album: Weight & Glory. The buzz surrounding KB’s album began at Flavor Fest 2008, when Lecrae publicly praised KB and his HGA crew of their passion for Christ. After touring with Lecrae, KB was officially announced as an official Reach Records artist. Earlier this year Lecrae added that KB will be an important figure in the genre comparable the with The Ambassador. In addition to music, KB became the spokesman for the Man-Up series. KB later released his mixtape, ‘Who Is KB?’ Even though his features and singles overshadowed the mixtape, I was left wondering will KB be able to lift the weight of expectations through his music? Add a comment

Typically, when I write reviews I let the music stand for itself. I don’t read the booklets included with the music until I start writing and need to reference who produced the track, played on the track, etc. However, when I started listening to Satellite Kite, the first album by Beautiful Eulogy, I was struck with an overwhelming urge to take a look at the digital booklet included. Boy, am I glad I did. Not only are the lyrics for all the songs included in the liner notes, but there’s a brief paragraph written about each song’s origin, composition or meaning. I love getting glimpses, no matter how brief, into the creative processes that different artists go through, and the insights given in the notes allowed me to have an even better understanding of the heart that went into the making of this album. Add a comment

Trip Lee and Reach Records deliver his most anticipated album: The Good Life. In early 2011 Trip relocated to Washington, DC. During that stretch of musical silence, Trip Lee was participating in a pastoral internship. Upon hearing the news, I wondered how his new album would sound. With his previous offering, Between Two Worlds, Trip diversified his production and content. The Good Life takes us further in the life of Trip Lee.

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