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S: So how do you think people can get to know the Lord or what He wants more than just going to a church and hearing a pastor talk about it?

R: People need to understand what they’re reading in their Bibles. People need to know how to interpret. When it talks about Jonah being in the whale, in the belly of the beast, does it literally mean Jonah was in a beast? Was in the whale? Or does it mean that we go through times in our lives where we feel isolated and alone? Where we feel swallowed up by the hardships of life? Add a comment

A few months ago we posted a video from Rhymefest called “Prosperity” and asked you to let us know your thoughts about its content and message.

The general market MC has covered Christian themes and topics in his raps before, having co-authored Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" (which won a Grammy in 2005), so we thought we’d track him down and pursue a longer conversation about his faith, his motivation behind writing “Prosperity,” and his experience with Christian hip hop. Add a comment

Rawsrvnt (Eddy) shared his love for Jesus during episode 3 of the TV One reality show “Donald J. Trump presents The Ultimate Merger.” When Omarosa of “The Apprentice” fame asked Eddy “Tell me about yourself,” his opening line was “I’m in love with Jesus.” Wow! Talk about taking a bold stance for who you believe in. You can definitely see what’s in his heart (Matthew 12:34). Add a comment

Flame sits down with Rapzilla and talks about parting ways with Cross Movement Records, and updates us on his exciting future in starting his own label (Clear Sight Music), and preparing his brand new album!

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We caught up with DJ Maj backstage at the 2010 Dove Awards for a interview on what he is up to, as well as his response to the public's feedback on his comments about Christian Hip Hop and doing another mixtape/comp. View the previous interview here.

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